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Wednesday, June 19 2013

We're preparing for the Ocala events on June 26/27, 2013. These classes will be in the new Hampton Inn out on Hwy 484 just west of Interstate 75.

We're very eager to present the material since ther does not seem to be anyone else presenting on these topics in Florida right now.

Phantom Limb Pain is a topic of current relevance with so many individuals returning from overseas conflicts. While technology and advances in medicine allow us to save lives better on the field of battle, what comes home is still a person with a life long injury to deal with. Can you be a part of their rehabilitation? I would ask you why you are not? We are probably the only field that is nearly 100% tactile contact with the patient. This seminar adresses this and many other concerns.

Post Traumatic Stress and other Anxiety Disorders. This seminar will alter the way you are thinking about these conditions and give you food for thought about your potential role in the healing process. Don't overlook this as a potential market for your bodyworking skills.

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Wednesday, June 12 2013

We had some excellent opportunities to teach with examples from the class. One student had been kicked by a horse 30 years ago. She consequently developed scoliosis and has lived with it since. We were able to show improvment after only one treatment.

Before                                                      After


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