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Vibration Therapy February 2021 Live Distance-Learning Webinar #20-713993

Approved by NCBTMB for a maximum of 12 CE hours.
Approved by FL BOM for a maximum of 12 CE hours.
NOT Approved by LABMT

The dialog of this course focuses on the subject of vibration, from its beginning to its mechanical forms and uses, particularly in the health care professions. Whether it is for medical testing, medical research, rehabilitation, diagnostics, general applications in daily life, or to realize the potential for help or harm, you will learn that vibration is about everything, that it touches everything; therefore, it affects everything.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: If it feels good, it must be good – right? 

There is no space between vibration and people or things because vibration is everywhere – on us, in us, and around us and things. One might say it is us.


Learn the difference between good and bad vibrations. Learn how and when it is best to use hands-on vibration techniques and that of therapeutic machines and how to incorporate the two.  


For instance, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can be good or bad for the human body. This class will teach you the safest frequencies and which ones are contraindicated and why. You will also learn the difference between oscillating and linear vibration in the workplace and why this knowledge is vitally important to massage therapists.


Vibration exists in everything. From the food we eat to oils we use on the body. It is hard to imagine how all-encompassing vibration is in our everyday life. As a matter of fact, people are often exposed to dangerous vibratory forces and do not know it.


Learn if the vibration you use for your clients is safe, if it is helpful, if it should be used for short or long periods, if the speed matters, and more.

FEB 6, 2021 Saturday: 10 AM – 1 PM CENTRAL TIME / 11 AM – 2 PM EASTERN TIME

FEB 13, 2021 Saturday:  Same as above.

FEB 20, 2021 Saturday: Same as above.

FEB 27, 2021 Saturday: Same as above.

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