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This page is for home study courses. Be sure to scroll down to see ALL 12-hr courses that are available.

If you have problems processing your order please call us at 561-846-9717 we can do it over the phone.

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    Approved by LABMT and NCBTMB for a maximum of 12 CE hours. Also approved for NY massage therapists. A comprehensive home study about the history and mechanical use of vibration by today's health care professionals.


    Approved by LABMT for a maximum of 12 CE hours. All other states (including WA) a maximum of 6 CE hours; FL BOM and NCBTMB included.  Not approved for NY

    This Massage Therapy for Scars and Burns home study prepares massage therapists for working with people who suffer from these conditions. It also includes a section on scars unrelated to burns. Both include sample massage work, photos, and explanations. Click the title for more details.


    Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, LABMT, and NY BOM for a maximum of 12 CE hours.

    Massage therapy plays a significant role in scoliosis rehabilitation. The information in this course is the beginning of a very exciting area of specialization for licensed massage professionals. Learn how to work independently with non-structural scoliosis. Non-structural means scoliosis due to injury, accident, and poor posture. For severe, highly progressive curves, we introduce you to and show you how to work with highly skilled professionals who specialize in scoliosis and other types of spinal curvatures.


    Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, and LABMT for a maximum of 12 CE hours. Not approved for NY massage therapists.

    Examine the causes and effects related to these disorders. Learn the history of treatments and the great potential for recovery.


    Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, LABMT, and NY BOM for a maximum of 12 CE hours.

    The information in this book reveals just how pervasive and powerful fascia is in the human body.  Best scientific reinforcement thus far for massage therapists and bodyworkers. This course offers 20 studies that will enlighten and inform you about new discoveries concerning the structure and function of myofascia.


    Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, LABMT, and NY BOM for a maximum of 12 CE hours.

    This is an advanced study designed to increase knowledge and awareness of certain pathologies (their backgrounds and potential treatments, both natural and allopathic), and how they interconnect with your profession and professionalism.


    Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, and LABMT for a maximum of 12 CE hours. Not approved for NY massage therapists.

    Business won't magically appear, you have to make it come to you. Here is the guiding philosophy and step by step instructions to make that happen.


    Approved by FL BOM, NCBMT, LABMT, and NY BOM for a maximum of 12 hours.

    With thorough, easy-to-follow explanations, this course is loaded with discussions on technique application and various ways of adaptation that cause trust and cooperation for fast, long-lasting results. Topics on myofascial trigger points, related science, related psychological dynamics, and communication skills are included to bring wholeness to your professional level. Click the title for more details.


    Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, LABMT and NY BOM for a maximum of 12 CE hours.

    There is no better way to grow in one's profession than by studying the methodology and experiences of those who are already well-established and proven in the same field. The author of this home study has over 40 years field experience in the U.S. and overseas (Germany, England, Poland, Japan +)

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