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Dr. Dennis Woggon D.C.
Dr. Dennis Woggon D.C.

Dr. Woggon is the founder of CLEAR™ Scoliosis Institute, a non-profit organization formed with one purpose: to develop protocols that effectively correct scoliosis without the use of bracing or surgery. He is also the founder and director of the St. Cloud Chiropractic Clinic in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he has practiced full time since 1974. He was certified in Videofluoroscopy at Palmer College in 1992 and taught Spinal Biomechanics for twenty-eight years. Dr. Woggon has written many articles and books on chiropractic and lectures nationally and internationally. Dr. Woggon was a guest speaker at our 2014 Atlanta, GA Massage Therapy for Spinal Curvatures seminar. Learn more or schedule an appointment by visiting his website. 

Karena Thek
Karena Thek

Scolio-Pilates came out of a desire to help a specific client with scoliosis as well as trying to heal the pain from her own scoliosis. Karena wrote her first book, OsteoPilates, in 2003, as a result of working directly with a high percentage of women with osteoporosis and without a reliable resource to steer them towards for safe exercise for osteoporosis. In 2013, Karena began working the Wounded Warrior Battalion at the C5 (Comprehensive Combat and Complex Casualty Care) Unit at the San Diego Naval Medical Center. She continues to volunteer her time there with soldiers with complex injuries.  It is here that Karena is beginning part of her study for her next book, Neuro-Pilates®. Karena Thek will be the guest speaker at our 2017 Spinal Curvatures II seminar in Daytona Beach, FL. You can learn more about Karena's protocols on Youtube or at her website.

Dr. J. Hartley D.C.
Dr. J. Hartley D.C.

Dr. Hartley is a Chiropractic Neurologist and a CLEAR Scoliosis Certified Doctor. For over 20 years, he has been successfully treating patients in the Northeast Florida area with effective chiropractic care, auto accident treatment and scoliosis therapy. As a guest speaker Dr. Hartley took a unique aproach by providing the class with the opportunity to observe a real time treatment at his clinic. The class of 40 attendees traveled to Dr. Hartley's clinic and were able to interact with the Doctor and his employees one to one as well as see and feel how the equipment operated. If you know someone that could benefit from the CLEAR treatment protocol or to learn more please visit his website

Dr. Alex Greaux D.C.
Dr. Alex Greaux D.C.

In 2013 Dr. Greaux realized the unique distinction of being Clear™ certified in Intensive Care Treatment of Scoliosis. As a CLEAR™ certified doctor, he is trained to assist individuals with scoliosis reduce the size of their spinal curvature so that they can begin to heal and exist in a better form. Dr. Greaux has been a practicing chiropractor for over 15 years and certified to treat scoliosis since 2007.

Amanda Roach PT, MPT, OCS, MTC, ATC
Amanda Roach PT, MPT, OCS, MTC, ATC

Amanda is a Schroth Method Practitioner specializing in Scoliosis. Through her work at Sovereign Rehabilitation, Amanda has realized her personal vision to be part of a truly patient-centered PT practice. Sovereign combines advanced rehabilitation services with a commitment to meet the individual needs of every person they treat. This commitment includes patient education, coordinating care with the patient’s physician, and addressing both the short and long-term goals of treatment.

Dr. Tony Nalda D.C.
Dr. Tony Nalda D.C.

Dr. Nalda is the Essential #2 Instructor for Maximized Living Doctors. He is also a CLEAR Scoliosis Intensive Certified Doctor, providing specialized care for scoliosis patients from all over the world. He has been asked to speak at many Chiropractic conferences nationwide and is involved with many Corporate Wellness Programs and Winning My Race Programs, where businesses, schools, churches, and organizations are encouraged to provide wellness information, seminars and classes.

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