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Our Home Study Continuing Education Testimonials

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Vibration Therapy Livestream Webinar

"This course is filled with amazing content - I was blown away by the material presented - fascinating, applicable, and truly awe-inspiring.  Provider is the best in the business …. Cutting edge information, classes / material delivered in thought provoking and usable way.  It’s obvious from  the quality of material, the  provider is a superb and experienced massage therapist and educator - great aterial, great presentation!"

Donna G. These CE courses have pertinent information that would not be found unless thoroughly researching a topic.

Tina B., LA LMT Massage for Scars and Burns- Excellent Course! Great Information!

Kara K., LA LMT As always, the information goes above and beyond the content expected. This is why I choose SOM for my CEU'S year after year! Their home studies are way above par on so many levels! 

Jeff C. in Louisiana  Massage Therapy for Spinal Curvatures: Excellent course; very detailed and thorough. Your hard work did the course justice. This type of work is not for every MT. If one is going to do this type of work, I think you not only should but better know what you are doing. The entire book was interesting, even the history chapter which can sometimes be the boring part. I would happily recommend this course to the right MT, preferably seasoned MT's who have a passion for this type of advanced work. If working as part of a team with PT's or MD's, I would highly recommend it. Not only shows a thorough knowledge but the confidence to partake in such an endeavor. 

I have taken several courses with S.O.M. Therapy  & Associates, Inc.. I have always been impressed by their professionalism and  helpfulness. ~Joan S., Lafayette, LA

My experience with S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc. has always been Super. They always answer any questions or concerns right away and test are graded within twenty four hours, if not sooner. I cannot say enough on how well they organize things and make it very easy to take their courses. Penny K New York LMT

Joseph G LMT, Louisiana PTSD/Phantom Limb Pain Combo Course: Great course, material is informational and functional. Thanks for continuing to be a great CEU provider.

A Watkins LMT, Louisiana This Myofascial Study was a fascinating study. Very thorough and explanations were extremely clear. Great information and graphics. As always, your work intrigues me and I cannot wait until next year for more!

Frances P. LMT, NCBTMB S. Carolina: S.O.M Therapy & Associates was the most efficient company that I have ever dealt with as far as being very friendly through emails and the course was well worth the time and money invested. I would highly recommend to any other Massage Therapist that needs to complete continuing education credits for your certification renewal.

Erin B. LMT S. Carolina: I think what you guys offer is great and I will probably not ever use another provider.

A. Watkins, LMT: Outstanding course! The material was excellent and well presented. I simply could not put this study down.  Well done!!!

Rhonda Holcomb, LMT: I just wanted to say a quick thank you again for all your help and advice with my ceus and all the other information you've given me. My license is now clear/active and I will be going back to work in the next week or so. I have so much more to learn. You taught me that I have alot more options as a massage therapist than just working in a spa.  I'm very greatful to have met you both.  Thanks again and can't wait to see you next renewal!

Margaret Corcoran, LMT: I have been thrilled with all the courses that I have taken through your school. Everything is exceptional. The courses are graded fast and returned promptly. Over and above what anyone would expect. I have extensive knowledge in the field of massage therapy, as I have been practicing in this field since 1996. I still learn more every time I take one of your courses. Thank you for making it affordable!

Antoinette Zachem, LMT RMT: S O M Therapy continues to bring excellence to their online courses and are always very helpful and PROMPT.

Amber Kuhlman, LMT: This was a wonderful experience. After searching for Continuing Education Unit requirements all over the web, and taking several with other providers, I can say with all sincerity this one was the best. I only wish I had found SOM Therapy 4 years ago. It was clear to me through the course material and customer service that SOM Therapy has the Massage Therapist in mind while designing and writing their courses. The material was actually relevent to my needs. Not only were old techniques refreshed for me, but new information was presented clearly. I am incredibly happy with my CEU choice this year!

Heidi Shulman, LMT: This course was very thorough from begining to end (Live Seminar). I was very impressed with how well it was put together. I learned a lot with all three courses (Home Studies). Without a hesitation, I would absolutely recommend this course to other massage therapists! I would like to continue to recieve information on other courses. Thank You!

Elizabeth Sterenberg Shulman, Ph.D Psychology:  It has been my personal and professional pleasure to have known Diana Kip Herec. Professionalism, sensitivity, talent and skill rarely come together so positively in one person.  Ms. Herec's dedication to her craft and her clients is equaled by her creativity in combining and enhancing techniques. I applaud her never ending commitment to her own growth and education and her in depth teaching programs which she makes available to others in person or long distance. May we all benefit from her marvelous work.'

Lucius Bray, LMT: [This home study] gave me a better understanding of hiv/aids and sti, than any other course that I have taken in the past...

[You] made a confusing subject easier to understand; highlighting important information that all therapist should know...

An excellent resource for the understanding of the causes, effects, and possible solution for medical errors.

Ann Watkins, LMT:  I REALLY enjoy your Home Studies.  I gain more from them than I ever did at a convention or seminar AND I have the reference at hand any time I should need a refresher.  I can't wait to see the new course you are adding. 
Fred Forsyth, Ph.D Psychology: 'I considered this to be very well done and as understandable, comprehensive and well presented. It has much information that is usually not covered in this type course. Thank you.' 
'Once again your ceu home study classes were outstanding.  Thank you for the information and the new tools to further enhance my practice and the profession as a whole.  I look forward to continuing my home study education with SOM Therapy next go around. Thank you again, and keep up the great work.' S.C. LMT, OR
'I work in the PT profession, so I'm accustomed to the prove it theory. I appreciate all the research cited in the course presentation and I love the variety of info. I have been to many PT continuing ed courses and for this price I was excited to get anything. What I wasn't anticipating was getting such high quality, immediately applicable info.'SV
'I've practiced massage for over eleven years, long enough to feel that my skills are good enough, then you go to Allan and Diana Herec's workshop and find instructors with so much enthusiasm and knowledge with hands-on experience. You find you can always improve your techniques and get energized about your profession again.'   MW, Florida

'The information you gave was invaluable to me and I can not tell you how refreshing it is to find people, like yourself, whose heart and soul are into their work. It was truly a blessing to come across your website and I am very excited about taking the on-line course I signed up for.  I'm sure I will be sending you another overly pleased email when I am done!! I can already see from your website that the quality is there though the cost isn't.You have been an answered prayer and I look forward to meeting you and taking a drive down for seminars.  Please keep me informed and again, thank you so much!'  Sincerely, J. Rillo, LMT

'I love that you explained it all in plain terms, awesome!!!!  You make law and ethics fun.  It is so important. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!!  The first section was my favorite. I loved the applicable qualities you added at the end in the skill enhancement section.  The visuals are great and I somehow, over the past few years, had gotten away from standing doing neck procedures, which after applying your techniques, reminded me of how much extra strain I was putting on my body.  As well as adding other procedures for legs and arms, they all were so helpful and make me look forward, even more than before, to attending a CE workshop down there.  I highly recommend you guys! Thanks for making learning fun, affordable, easy to apply, and informative!!'  Sincerely, Janine

'I'm very excited about the information. What great technique! The presenters definitely held my interest.  I was very impressed with the knowledge of the instructors. Thanks for your presentation.  I can't wait to try this on my clients.'
B. Holt, Florida

'I would like to thank you for all of your support. You have helped me a lot.  I don't know how many thank yous that you get in one day but I would like to tell you thank you very much for all of the help.' M. Rush
'Thank you for providing this service to get our CEUS. Not only was it convenient, I learned more from this home course than I did at a few classes I've attended. Plus, I have all the literature at home to review and practice.'PAC
'I was a little reluctant to order your program, I admit. To my surprise, the material is very thought out and planned. I am an instructor in a local massage school. This course has given me the information and drawings to help me in my instructing. The material is very challenging, but explained very simply. Understanding and applying was easier than some seminar courses I have attended. Very pleased and enthused. Looking forward to the next course!'   Kristi T.

'I really appreciate having a correspondence opportunity for gaining my necessary CEUS. It is a tremendous convenience to be able to work this study in around my daily workload. There is also an added advantage, the detailed and extensive information is something I can easily return to in the future. I can look up specific information that relates directly to novel client situations. With other teaching formats, I must rely on memory and sketchy notes. I look forward to your next presentation.'  LA 

'Thank you for the rewarding learning experience, and one that I could handle in the privacy of my home. Very affordable and reasonable! One that was a challenge, making me think, yet not frustrating or boring! I've enjoyed our communication and look forward to what you have to offer next year.'FD

'This seminar is a wealth of information. I learned many different techniques. The price is unbelievable!!! The environment was very friendly.'DC
'Very informative material. Read it several times and took my time completing it. I plan to obtain my CEUS in this same manner next year. Can't wait to see what you guys will be offering. I really appreciate the price range, too.'Janice F
'I feel I derived a great deal from this course. I am beginning to look at my clients in a new way and am seeking to learn and incorporate the 31 techniques as illustrated in your booklet.'Sylvia J.
'Loved the easy to follow text and great illustrations!'  Jennifer B
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