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Live stream event for Vibration Therapy: The course is interesting and never dull.  The providers are easy to listen to and related well to our profession. It was very informative about new therapies and possibilities for LMTs to be involved with. Donna A., FL LMT



Live stream event for Vibration Therapy: SOM always has different and interesting choices for CEs. What I found most helpful were the videos because I could visualize the content of the webinar better after watching them. I’d say you won’t be disappointed with these providers. They’re always knowledgeable about the subject they teach and have plenty of materials to present. Linda P., FL LMT


Live stream event for Vibration Therapy: What portion of this course did you find most helpful or interesting and why? I loved that there were so many videos added in.  This was best CEU I've taken in years.  I loved the added videos about sound therapy and animals. This was so fun because it went beyond just (basic) massage information and techniques.  This content was phenomenal. I'm in my 21st year and have been an instructor. I've already recommended this class. Being snowed in I thought I'll just pick a class and get it over with. I was so surprised how fun this course was. There was so much wonderful content. I absolutely loved it. It was a great way to spend this time off.  KAREN L., Louisiana LMT


There were many informational pieces to both the Home Study as well as the hands on that gave me a lot of perspective on the nature of our business and where we stand.  The use of informational videos pertaining to the subjects really helped to broaden the understanding of each topic.  


I believe it will make me think back each time now before moving forward.  I believe it basically helped to take us out of the very methodical fashion of practice that we all tend to fall in to (repetition), and add more of the (stop and think) to understand how we are truly affecting the client (whether in a negative or positive fashion).


Yes, I most certainly would (recommend the Vibration Therapy seminar).  The content behind it was just outstanding.

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