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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Because we are approved providers through NCBTMB, we are required to share certain information with you about ourselves, such as: who we are, how long we’ve been in business, where and what we’ve taught and the type of professionals you might see sitting next to you in our seminars or who are also purchasing similar home studies. The following is a brief representation of these categories.

  • Who might you meet at a seminar?
    When attending S.O.M. seminars you might share space with professionals from varied health care fields: massage therapy, physical therapy, nursing, exercise physiology, chiropractic, psychology and general and specialized medicine.

  • What are the CE providers' clinical experiences?
    See detailed descriptions for each provider on the About Us page. We also invite you to read the testimonials (link on menu to the left) to learn more about our courses and our student experience.

  • What is the seminar learning process?
    In seminars, we address visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning needs. With home studies, therapists participate through visual, and depending on the course, through auditory and kinesthetic methods.

  • Where do the providers obtain their educational material?
    To create home studies and seminars we may use: Medical and other publications; health care, science and other conferences; our 40 years clinical and field experience; periodicals, world and local news, documentaries, radio/TV programs; personal interviews; local and overseas teaching; research with the public; Internet research; and from events and experiences related to teaching Medical Magnet programs for PBC School District.

  • Below are FAQs regarding your purchase.

  • Is there an evaluation process available?
    Yes. There is an evaluation page with your test. Please fill it out and send it with your test or type your evaluation into your email. Add whatever additional comments you wish to describe your course experience.

  • How do I sign up for SEMINARS?
    We have a link on the left hand menu titled SEMINARS. Alternatively we can take your order by phone.

  • How do I test?
    Testing is easy. Seminars do not require testing but home studies do. Follow the instructions on page two of your course book. Just type certificate info (your name, address and license number as you want it to appear on your certificate) and your answers into a regular email letter, one below the other in a vertical column on the left side of an e-mail.

  • What if I do not pass the test?
    You may take the test up to two times at no extra charge. There is a $25 charge for each try after that.

  • What if my order is not accepted by the online banker?
    We do not decline anyone. Credit card purchases can only be declined by the bank the credit card is drawn from. When declined, it is usually due to differing personal information. Be sure your credit card company has updated info such as: address, phone number, correct spellings, and be sure the expiration date has not been changed by the credit card company. If you have checked these things and still are not approved, please email us - we want to know and will help you with your order!

  • Is there a time limit for taking tests?
    No, we no longer have a mandatory time limit for testing but it is always best to complete the course within 90 days of purchase, or at least before the end of your renewal period. Waiting beyond your renewal period to test could cause forfeiture due to course discontinuation, or added fees for extra assistance due to updates.

  • How do I get my certificate?
    Once we receive your test answers, we grade it and send your certificate by reply email.

  • Do I read my course from the website?
    No. Download the course to your computer immediately after purchase. You can read it, save it or print it out; it's up to you.

  • Will I be able to review questions missed?
    When we email the certificate of completion, you can scroll down to see a copy of the graded test.

  • Are the test questions difficult? How are the questions asked?
    Most people do not have difficulty but test-taking is different for everyone. Most of our test questions are multiple choice.

  • How do I contact you?
    Email us at: or call us at 561-846-9717. Emails are best, they provide a documentable reference of request and reply. Even though we are not sitting in an office, we check our emails no less than twice a day.

  • What are your office hours?
    Our website and email is our office. It allows us the freedom to be in the field all day, if necessary, for course research and development; or out-of-town for seminars and meet-and-greets. Regardless of where we are, we take our laptops with us. Email your full name, state and professional license number with your questions or concerns to Include your phone number and 'best time' for a call back.

  • Where can I read about refunds?
    Refund information is located on our Policy Page.

  • I Lost My Certificates, How Can I Get Additional copies?
    When you take a seminar or complete a home study with S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc, you receive a free email copy of your certificate(s). Seminar attendees also receive an additional free hard copy on the final day of their seminar. In addition to these, therapists receive a free official grade transcript listing all courses they've taken with us that is updated each time they complete another course with us. Once these documents have been received by the therapist, whether emailed or hand-distributed at a seminar, a request for copies must be made by email at the cost of $25.00 per request. An additional $25.00 fee is required when research for files is needed beyond a 4-year period. These fees must be paid to begin process.

  • I don't use credit cards. Can I mail a check?
    No. Due to so many months on-the-road for seminars, lectures, and course research, we cannot accept checks or money orders - or any type of snail mail. Our banking set-up does not allow for paper deposits. Best way to purchase your seminar or home study is on our website but as long as we are not overseas, we can process your order by phone using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. Sorry, we do not accept American Express. If you do not have one of these cards, your bank can supply you with a temporary one for the exact amount you need for your purchase, plus a small processing fee. We also accept above mentioned credit card payments from friends or family members on your behalf - they should put their name, etc. in the billing information portion of the order and your name and address in the "shipping to" portion, even though there is no physical shipping taking place. They will need your massage therapy license number, your phone number and your e-mail address to complete the order. At the end of the purchase a receipt and download of the home study is offered (or seminar prep sheet, whichever you are purchasing). They can download it to their computer and email it to you as an attachment, or give you the receipt information so that you can go online and download it, yourself.

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