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Massage Therapy for Spinal Curvatures

I give you and your husband 10's across the board. The information was amazing & will be totally awesomelicious for my clients. Also, when I had problems with the link, you and your husband made sure I still had access to the course. I will be telling all my friends about SOM Therapy. Thank y'all so much! 

Shanika M. LA LMT

I loved this course and will recommend it.  My son has scoliosis.  So this was very personal information to me. Thank you so much. Randall E, Mandeville, LA

Thank you for the Spinal Curvature CE course! It was an enlightening read and I enjoyed the photos and links you provided throughout the course. It is apparent that you spent a great deal of time researching the information and practicing the techniques. Thank you for sharing your expertise! ~Lydia G, LA LMT

Excellent course; very detailed and thorough. Your hard work did the course justice. This type of work is not for every MT. If one is going to do this type of work, I think you not only should but better know what you are doing. The entire book was interesting, even the history chapter which can sometimes be the boring part. I would happily recommend this course to the right MT, preferably seasoned MT's who have a passion for this type of advanced work. If working as part of a team with PT's or MD's, I would highly recommend it. Not only shows a thorough knowledge but the confidence to partake in such an endeavor.  ~Jeff C. in Louisiana

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