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Vibration therapy- “I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy my classes with you. I learned very much. I’m already applying everything you taught us on my clients, and they love it. The time went super-fast and everything was enjoyable.” HOLLYWOOD, FL 2019

We asked: “Would you recommend this course to other health care professionals? Why? FROM ST. AUGUSTINE, FL 2019: “Yes. It satisfies both the holistic massage therapists and the medical model therapists with a good combination of information. PTs, Chiropractors, LMTS, and anyone doing body work would find this course interesting. The provider knows her stuff and is so willing to share all of her knowledge, which is considerable. I can’t wait to take another class from her.” 

Sports and other Injuries- This is my 3rd Seminar with S.O.M. I feel I learn alot of new information with each one I attend to which makes me a better massage therapist. Thank you Diana and Allan. - Linda P.

Spinal Curvatures II (2017)-  After being in the field for 12 yrs, I really do feel so much more confident after taking your courses. Especially now, I feel much more confident than I did since the first spinal curvature course, now that I've taken the second one, especially since I work with patients on a daily basis that can benefit from this new knowledge I have gained. Always progressing and learning! Thank You! ~Natalie 

Great seminar, I was exposed to more information that opened my eyes wider to the depth and extent of spinal deformities. The variety of treatments offered was encouraging , ranging from the enhanced massage techniques that included more abdominal and respiratory work to the addition of some pilates style work.  What makes this all the more enriching, is the open and engaging atmosphere that you and Alan engender. The hands on work interspersed with the didactic presentation is well mixed so as to keep the interest from becoming a merely intellectual encounter and one that is  much more of an experiential bodily absorbed one. I am enriched , thank you. ~Mike S. Daytona

Spinal Curvatures-  Having just been diagnosed with some scoliosis and now under a chiropractor’s care, it was nearly unbelievable that I had chosen this seminar months ago. It was exactly what I needed and so helpful and reassuring that what my doc is doing is right on!! It was amazing to learn how much this condition can actually be helped without needless and useless surgery. This was life-affirming.

I love doing my CEUs with Diana and SOM. Very convenient, always professional and fun to boot. I don’t recall how I found SOM, but I thank My Divine that I did!!!!

Ginny C, Pt. Charlotte, FL

 When I saw the e-mail from, I had a hard time believing that God would answer so completely! The class was to be held in a location less than 10 minutes from my home, the price was so reasonable, including all the CE hours I would need for renewal, and the subject of the live instruction, Spinal Curvatures, was dear to my heart, as my youngest son has spina bifida and I am always on the lookout for ways to help him. I contacted Diana, explaining my current health issues, and she was most gracious in accommodating my particular needs. I can't thank her enough for that!

It was obvious from the start that Diana has a vast wealth of knowledge of the human body, extremely effective massage techniques, and knows how to pass them on to us. She also is the first instructor I have seen who understands the need to rein in the class and keep them focused on mastering the techniques being demonstrated, rather than running ahead or adding their own. So often, I have come away from seminars feeling I only had a vague idea of how to use the info and techniques I had just been shown. Not so with this seminar! 
In addition to the materials presented, Diana has provided avenues for us to do more research on our own, as well as making herself available to respond to any questions we have. It is obvious that this is not just a job to her, but her passion and calling in life.
I consider myself blessed to have had this opportunity to meet her and sit under her teaching. I definitely plan to use S.O.M. Therapy classes for my future CE requirements.
- Darla G., Florida

 I have been a massage therapist over 15 years & a firefighter/paramedic for 32 years. Diana's classes are among the best I have taken. I have been taking classes from her since 1999 & just completed the latest one 06/15. To say that I am satisfied is an understatement! I would recommend her classes to any massage therapist. I know I'm not the only one who likes her classes. Every class I see quite a few people from previous classes! Jeff S Pt. Charlotte, FL

Awesome course!!! Exceeded my expectations!! Diana is always thorough with interesting educational info. She and Allan always provides plenty of resources to continue our education even beyond our class if we wish to do so. I love that! Plenty of info that we can also provide for our clients. After attending several yrs of S.O.M. courses, I can only give the highest compliments. Diana and Allan are amazing, highly intelligent, and caring individuals! They always give the most informative well rounded, entertaining enjoyable courses!  Amy, S. Naples, FL 

S.O.M. Therapy and Associates is the only provider that in my opinion are more interested in the care and treatment of clients and not all about the money. The information is greatly researched and current to the massage therapists needs. Diana you are great! I really enjoyed the course. Naples 2015. 

The course on Spinal Curvatures was pleasantly more than what I had expected. It was great to hear from guest speaker, Dr. Nalda regarding the subject. I truly appreciate Diana sharing her experiences, knowledge and research. Looking forward to more seminars with S.O.M. Therapy. Orlando 2015

These were great classes of importance with so many benefits. Go slow at first, develop your sensitivity, speed will happen. You and your client will both be rewarded with excellent results.. And remember Word of Mouth travels fast.

Another wonderful course from 2 very wonderful people. I truly enjoy your presentations. Looking forward to taking future classes.

Really looking forward to attending another class. A lot of great information from Diana and a lot covered but it's a lot to take in. Enjoyed the hands on portion as well as the Dr. visit and his knowledgable perspective and discussions with us :) will definitely be recommending this class to others! 

Gina ~from Orlando 2015 spinal curvatures seminar

Your courses are always enjoyable and you give us an enormous amount of information.  People thinking about taking your courses will be glad to know that they will definitely get their money's worth! 

Thanks again for enlightening us about a course that many of us know nothing about--and I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years and I never actually saw a course like this offered by other providers.  So thank you for that! See you next renewal time! Sue B. Naples 2015 

Advanced Studies in Myofascia-

 I have enjoyed several renewal periods with SOM Therapy, and am grateful for their wisdom, their charisma, and their live class sessions as well. Thank you so much for all you offer us.  This came in with her Advanced Studies of Myofascia

Lisa O. 2015

Diana and Allan were incredibly knowledgeable and very warm. Very interesting and valuable information. Thank you!

For most of these,(10 question evaluation form with a 1-5 scale) you guys way exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful you guys have come up with a way to deliver quality material at prices that don't cost 15 massages worth of saving up. You guys are amazing, you know so much from a researcher & therapist point of view that when I got home, I sent your info to all the therapists I knew who needed CEs & raved about you guys. Thank you so much, I can't wait to see you in Tampa for my second day on sports massage! - Kayla

Thank you Diana for this great seminar. As you told me the days went fast. I enjoyed the videos and the refreshing practice. It is well balanced and thoughtful. -Elisabeth D.

Pathologies Seminar

Thanks for a great class. I found the information not only to be helpful with massage but as a great review for my upcoming nursing boards. I look forward to seeing you in - S. Powell

I have been to 2 of your seminars now and have had amazing learning experiences at both. I love the way you keep the classes interesting( the orlando class in particular) even when dealing with serious and depressing topics. And the first seminar in daytona really changed the way I utilize my table and bolsters during therapy sessions. (being short i learned it was ok to get up on the table for better stabilization and support to better comfort my client) I really enjoy your teaching methods and will defiantly be back in the future. :) - K. Hardy


I have always enjoyed the style of writing and live teaching with real experiences scattered throughout the seminars or on line course work. This makes all the information more relevant other than " just another course you have to do for renewal".

This is the 3rd time taking courses from S.O.M. Therapy and look forward to many more times in the future. Thanks again !

R. Buchanan

Thank you for your integrity, I appreciate what you are doing - J. Milovich

I am so pleased with this course! Not only did it exceed my expectations but provided me with more confidence in my practice! Thank you so much look forward to seeing you next time - K. Connor - Tallahassee

Was a great seminar. I learned so much. Quite refreshing and a nice change from all of the typical seminars I have taken over the years. Also, the price was amazing for the quality of the seminar. I will be taking more. - Judith L.

 I loved this class, very well presented  - Debra L.

I'm looking forward to attending another seminar next year. I learned a lot of new things and I hope to learn more. -Eduardo S.

This was the most fun and non-boring pathology has ever been. Enjoyed the videos... thanks. - Jamie J.

I always enjoy your seminars and they renew my drive and pride in what I am doing. :o) - Michelle R.

I have been an LMT since 1998 so I've had to do quite a few CE's, I prefer going to seminars instead of home study because I learn more, however, the first few experiences I had left such a bad taste in my mouth that I stopped going and began doing in-home study courses.  It was not until FL law required me to do "hands on" CE's that I started going again.  And believe me I was totally dreading it. But somehow I found your seminar, this is the second one I've attended.   You have completely changed my opinion about seminars, I actually look forward to coming now instead of the dread I use to have.  You and Allan are bursting with information,  you're eagerness to teach is infectious and makes me eager to learn.  I loved the workbooks we had to fill out during the power points portion, I loved the Cancer DVD and I appreciate you listing the doctors and their websites in our workbooks.  It is evident that you love what you do and spend countless hours preparing for your seminars.  It is my hope that you will always come to the Tampa area so that I can learn from you. and that you don't retire until I do! Thank you for all that you and Allan have done. Ona  side note, your seminar has inspired me to change my own lifestyle. I CANNOT wait to see you both again!!!  - Mary Beth S.

Diana and Allan Herec put together a great seminar. They packed it with many goodies. And, you can tell that they did their "homework" because they backed up what they said with proof. You can tell the material that they presented was well thought out. The flow of communication in presentation was good also. They paused so that the other could input a thought or information. Definitely a seminar to take. - Cheryl S.

Dear Diana and Allan,

I have not had the opportunity to again thank you for a really great first experience when it comes to license renewal and obtaining CEU credits. I also wanted to thank you for the raffle prize, this will absolutely come in handy down the road. I look forward to new and exciting classes you may be offering in the future, and continuing this new found relationship. 

- I feel happy to have taken this seminar with you.  It was full of very important, up-to-date knowledge in the medical field, necessary for massage therapists to be involved with, and very important for making a difference in our daily routine.

- You made it with professionalism, and giving us also the best of your very deep experience and solid foundations in this matter. - Hector B.

Well planned and informative. - Patricia K.

You and Allan produce a very well researched and organized seminar.  I appreciate what you both do. - Candice K.

Excellent course! Allan and Diana provide an excellent and informative course which is so beneficial to us therapists! We greatly appreciate all your hard work. Gret job and thank you! - Kevin K.

..It really validates how our massage therapy profession can really make a difference when used with conventional medicine. - Melinda R.

This class was very informative and it opened my eyes even wider as to the needs of people with specific pathologies. It has encouraged me to do more research so I can reach out to more clients. - Shenika W.

I believe this course will help alleviate fears when working with clients with pathologies. - Nancy S.

Even though massage seminars typically revolve around tactile techniques it is refreshing to broaden one's mind with relative knowledge. I enjoyed the learning experience that was provided; quality information that can be applied in my practice! -  Brianna P.

Great class, as always. I really honor and respect the constant effort you both make to create balance in our profession and most of all the continuing education, where quality and affordability meet. - Kameelah A.

Thank you so much for the great seminar you and Allan gave this weekend. It is your guys sincere caring about people and there well-being or let's better say there "well-getting" as well as your devotion to this profession and people who aspire to be like you, which makes our world a better place. - Renate

I have taken courses from this provider before and will again. Highly recommended. Exactly what we need! - Jeff C.

This was my first seminar and I hope the rest I go to are as good as your seminar [was]. - Stephanie F.

Great mixture between different media and interesting and fun interpretations of new material.  - Renate

An excellent course [Pathologies], great modalities of instruction. Instructive tutorial lectures geared to requirements for LMTs - Leslie T., MD, LMT

Educational as well as entertaining. You kept my interest the entire two days. Thank you.

Great, thank you both so much for everything; professionalism, knowledge, patience, organization, examples, humor, water and more! - Michelle L.

You guys rock! - Jameson M.

Soft Tissue Orthopedic Modalities Seminar

I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on course I attended in Augusta this past weekend. I have already used the technique on a client and he said, "I feel taller, like I'm standing up straight." He has sway back and/or lordosis and he asked that we continue the techniques during his next session. I am excited to try these techniques on more of my clients. - Thank you, Caroline K. ~Augusta, GA

Your seminar was terrific and we all commented on how over the top your handout was. I always recommend it highly and I'm confident this offer is nothing short of excellent - Maureen Gilbert, President FSMTA

I just wanted to let you know that your techniques clicked with me. I integrated most of the moves with my treatment. My clients love it. Especially the one physician with a low back problem. I wish I could spend a week with you two. You got a good thing...keep on truckin. - Jeff S.

Hello! WOW what a great seminar you and Allan put on last weekend! Best one I have attended thus far! Had a question for you yet time went so fast I never had a chance to ask. I am so amazed at the many years you have been doing this and the passion still shows!!!  I pray as my career continues people will see that very same passion in me, always! Thanks for all you do for us massage therapists!!! - Heather  :)

Thank you very much for coming to Port Charlotte to present your seminar.  I performed these techniques on three patients, and my husband; all reported good results already!  I am thankful for the hands-on opportunities in a seminar setting and not just lecture format. Thank you for the wonderful tune-up on my skills.

It was a great experience being able to work with two highly intelligent and fun therapists! I liked how you both helped everyone learn and improve techniques, but also took the tijmme to work with each group individually. Thank you for everything and I'm sure we'll be in touch! - Amanda

I really enjoyed the Jacksonville, FL seminar. I needed to learn again the atmosphere of being around massage and massage therapists, as I have been inactive for quite a while. I learned a lot and that's exactly what I wanted. Thank you. -Ramona L.

I really enjoyed your seminar, it was very informative, fun, and never at anytime did I feel like falling asleep. Can't wait to come to another one! - Larissa

Loved the Pt Charlotte seminar. It's one of the best I've been to.

I was very impressed by your seminar as well as your knowledge. I have been a massage therapist for 8 years & an EMT/Paramedic for over 25 years. Your class was among the best I have ever taken. I will be a return student. I highly recommend your class. Your seminar was good for the beginner as well as the more advanced therapist. I cannot say enough about your class.- Thanks, Jeff

I really enjoyed the seminar and came away with some great new techniques. Thank you both so very much! - Denise

I want to let you know the techniques you taught during the seminar are great.  I've had awesome feedback from my patients using these skills and I will continue implementing them in my therapy. - Carmilla

Your class was awesome!  I look forward to attending many more in the future.  I'm utilizing everything I learned, and got a $100 tip from a regular client with a shoulder problem. It was the best class I have ever attended including my professional and masters level medical massage classes.  It was the very best! Thank you again! - Lisa

I will pass your seminar on to every LMT I know as I learned SO much from you. Keep me posted on upcoming seminars. Sincerely, Mary Beth

I just want to thank you for your hard work putting together this wonderful seminar. I had a great time and learned a lot. It met all my expectations. Thank you again. Hope to see you soon. - Ashel.

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick email to let you know just how much I enjoyed your seminar.  Never before have I been so eager to try out new techniques. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to teaching us. you're doing a terrific job.  I can't wait to see what you'll teach me next time! - Mary Beth

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