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A Special Message from the President and VP of S.O.M. Therapy


Health care professionals frequently tell us how much they appreciate the variety of continuing education subjects we offer. Stagnation is one of the first things that lead to career burnout. We intend to help professionals avoid stagnation by creating courses with information that can be immediately implemented into an existing practice, or used as a collection of specializations. 


Specialization does not imply harder work, but usually just the opposite. In fact, it suggests that such distinctive courses add to one’s higher knowledge of a particular subject with reduced, yet precise physical application, which leads to faster and long-lasting results for the client. 


Just as chefs know the ingredients of their food and where they come from, just as mechanics understand the principles of internal combustion, and physicists the periodic table of elements, when touching someone in a healing manner, massage therapists must know the intricacies of conditions they work with and their associated applications.


We hope you find your S.O.M. CE purchase a valuable addition to your continuing education library.


Yours in Great Health,

Diana and Allan Herec

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