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12-Hr Massage Therapy For Spinal Curvatures

Approved by NCBTMB, FL BOM, LABMT, and NY BOM for a maximum of 12 CE hours.

Massage therapy plays a significant role in scoliosis rehabilitation. The information in this course is the beginning of a very exciting area of specialization for licensed massage professionals. Learn how to work independently with non-structural scoliosis. Non-structural means scoliosis due to injury, accident, and poor posture. For severe, highly progressive curves, we introduce you to and show you how to work with highly skilled professionals who specialize in scoliosis and other types of spinal curvatures.


Most people do not realize the range of post-surgical complications and the fact that surgery does not cure scoliosis; or that the spine continues to curve afterward. However, there are times when surgery is necessary. This course includes a section on massage therapy rehabilitation for pre- and post-spinal surgery. To complete the course is a section on related psychological dynamics.

What types of scoliosis can be helped by massage therapy? Learn about curves that quickly grow into a spinal deformity and what you should do if you suspect one – know that time is of the essence to get additional help. 


Certain types of scoliosis require integrating with other scoliosis specialists. Learn when and how to integrate massage therapy with professionals like CLEAR Scoliosis Institute doctors, Scroth Scoliosis PTs, and how Karena Thek’s Scolio-Pilates elongation and neutralization techniques can be incorporated into massage therapy protocols. Finally, how to work with pre-and post-spinal surgery clients and their medical teams.

Massage therapists frequently ask if there is a spinal curvatures certification available for them. I believe we are the only CE provider offering spinal curvatures certification at this time. E-mail us if you are interested in learning more about these programs.

Note: This book is slightly larger than our others and will require a longer download time. The file size is 7.9 MB  

*Please be sure of your purchase and be aware that there is no refund for downloadable homestudy material.*

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